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Post by neil » Wed Jun 25, 2003 10:02 pm

Hank W. wrote:Yeah, its a bit anal like that. Though you can get a prepaid Telia card you can feed off the wall

Regarding a phone, what you do is get your Finnish spouse take out a second account with one of the Finnish mobile operators (assuming she has one herself?). No law against that. I laid out a £200 deposit with Radiolinja when I first got here. The guy in the Elisa shop where I took out the subscription told me they use it to deduct your bills with and when its gone they start sending you bills in the mail? Confused, I went along with it but then started getting bills then followed by red bills. When I enquired at the Radiolinja shop, they told me that "we withhold the deposit for 2 years and after that it's business as usual". I laughed and told them that their system is preposterous and cancelled the subscription immediately. She just shrugged and went through the motions as they always do.

We went a couple of doors up into one of those mobile kiosks and my partner took out an account for me in her name and I was up and running again in minutes.

**Steer clear of those prepaid things. Airtime costs a fortune.** :?

Things have picked up for me since then. Nowadays I have 2 SIM cards one personal and one test and I can phone where I like whenever I like for as long as I want. Its one bill less per month I have to pay, which is nice.

So when you get here you now know what to do!



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