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Post by mgrant » Fri Aug 15, 2003 5:51 pm

Irina wrote: ...
I've heard Jyvaskyla is a really lovely place, my mum has relatives there. What made you go to Finland to study?

What was the entrance exam like? Is it just a general sort of thing? is that enough questions already? hehehehe :lol:


Irina :D
Yeah Jyväskylä is a pretty nice place to study, quite a lot of students there so the nightlife is not bad for a town that size...and you definitely need the nightlife during the long and cold winter!!! But I think the summer just about makes up for it :lol:

The reason I went was that a) I thought I'd like to discover my "roots" a bit more and b) the course sounded quite interesting.

The entrance exam was fairly general...not too bad.

It's definitely worth trying the Finn Guild thing...they also do cheap(ish) flights.

Good Luck! :wink:



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