Moving in 2016

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Moving in 2016

Post by rbaker92 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:43 pm


I am looking to relocate to Finland in 2016 in order to live with my partner. She will be studying for the next 4/5 years and I will be planning on getting a job and residing in Finland for the foreseeable future.

I understand that getting a job in Finland when you do not speak their language is incrediblydifficult. To combat this, I am being tutored for 3 months learning the basics of the language and hopefully learning enough to be able to withhold basic conversations.

I will be moving in with her and will be lucky enough to pay a fraction of the living costs as she can cover some of my rent etc. Although, this will only be a temporary condition.

I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and can enlighten me on to how easy they found it to find a job when they had integrated themselves into the community and perhaps got some kind of certification (hygiene pass, first aid, construction)? Also, if there is anything I can do to help the transition easier?


Moving in 2016


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