Eu citizen unemployed and starting finnish courses?

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Re: Eu citizen unemployed and starting finnish courses?

Post by Piet » Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:06 pm

Nic93 wrote:
Flossy1978 wrote:Jesus.

So not only do you expect and want the Finnish Government to fund your life, you now want to bring your friends over and do the same thing.

What a lazy freeloader you and your friends are.
Is there any moderator here? I thought this was a serious forum to ask questions


Yes there is a moderator
Yes this is a serious forum
Yes you can ask questions

But remember, the level of your questions will most likely generate the same level of answers. Image

To summarize all previous answers for you, No it is not possible to get anything without paying for it yourself (all of it), unless you are a refugee, and you aren't.

How to get to your goal anyway?: Marriage with a Finn and stay married for at least 5 years, after 4 years you can apply for Finnish nationality if you can speak certain level of Finnish by then and did not get into jail. it will take almost a year to finally get the Finnish citizenship nice to the Finnish lady for at least 5 years...after that you will not be kicked out when you break up....but remember... Finnish women are considered (one of) the most emancipated women in Europe.. no kitties to pick up without gloves.... Image

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Re: Eu citizen unemployed and starting finnish courses?


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Re: Eu citizen unemployed and starting finnish courses?

Post by biscayne » Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:33 pm

I asked in tepelvalut about and they said that you are considered a student if you start the finnish courses they said you come here register and you will start if you are eu citizen I wanted to ask here so maybe can someone confirm, also I've asked in some university if they pay you houses etc and they said yes house and food they also give you some money I think maybe something like that

Something is wrong with basically all of the above and either you were not given good information or possibly you did not fully understand.

You are NOT considered at student if you start Finnish courses in Finland, you are a student if you are studying at a 3rd level institution (University, Polytechnic etc.) for a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree. If you come to Finland from Greece to study for a degree you will get the cheap meals, the cheaper transport and the cheaper student accommodation. Not free, cheaper. You will NOT get any actual money from Finland.

Students in Finland receive a student grant (money) which is about 280e for the living allowance and about 300e for the housing allowance. They get this if they are:

Legal residents who are not citizens but otherwise entitled (family members, legal residents who have been working in Finland and now studying
Approved refugees
Citizens of Nordic Countries

For foreigners who come to Finland and get registered, you can get on the integration programme which provides Finnish lessons, some jobseeking help, and and yes, money, about 600e a month. Generally this is for people like spouses of Finns who have moved here to live with their Finnish spouse (or spouse legally resident in Finland).

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