Residency Permit Questions

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Residency Permit Questions

Post by Boots » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:22 pm


I know this topic has been exhausted, but with each situation being different, I thought I'd ask for some help/advice anyway.

I've taken a job in Finland, and been granted a Residency Permit (type A). I plan to go over soon (in the next month, when the permit arrives).
I have a partner who would join me - we're not married (but plan to). According to the immigration site, she can qualify for a temporary residency permit, but would this be ideal?
ie, can she find work or study, and would she qualify for social benefits (health mainly)?

If not, what is the best option for her? Would getting married in court and then applying for a family tie permit for her be the only real option?

Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Residency Permit Questions


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