Required urgent guidance for stepping down to mystery land o

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Required urgent guidance for stepping down to mystery land o

Post by CMSUTHAR » Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:13 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am Chirag from India, I got employment opportunity in Porvoo, However I am thinking of staying at Helsinki considering larger and crowded town as we have in India.

It shall be great if you can share your views on following.

1) I am planning engineer ( Mechanical) with experience of approximately 9 Years in Oil & Gas filed experience and I am offered 3500 E per month.

- Can any one tell me is it average salary in Helsinki or it is on lower side? As in our head quarter in Munich we get aprox 5000 per month.
- Looking to various discussion I Understand I tried to calculate on hand salary by "" link but it is showing only 22% Tax and + 7.15 % as a withholding so in total 29.15% deduction is it correct or am I missing something?
- I got a child and wife, who shall be staying here and I will also has to support my parents at home country with minimum 400 Euro per month. Shall be able to live descent lifestyle and save any money here or I should ask for more?
- Considering various post I feel like having minimu 500 to 700 Euro more to be in comfortable position. Do people here negotiate here. I mean if i ask them for 1000 and they freeze in between or I should tell them no go figure , How it should be?
- Which place of the city I should be residing so commuting to Porvoo and Bilingual School both should be convenient? and how much rent I should expect for furnished house for our family of three? Do we here constraints as we have in germany like if I have baby than I must have two bedroom, hall , kitchen house or is it fine to have I bedroom, hall , kitchen house?

I shall be really obliged if you can spare time and share your opinion in coming week as I got to confirm my employer.


Required urgent guidance for stepping down to mystery land o


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