Non-EU citizen self-employed residence

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Non-EU citizen self-employed residence

Post by stanley_carlton » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:55 pm

Hello everyone.

I am a software engineer from Bosnia, working remotely with a client from France. I gross around 4 thousand euros per month and have a track record of doing it successfully for the last few years. I discovered that I can get a self-employed (toiminimi) residence permit, however I am not sure what the correct order is. The goal is to move to Finland and continue working with same client from there using toiminimi (after resigning contracts). And pay taxes in Finland too, of course. My questions are:
1) Do I need to first come to Finland and register a toiminimi, or can I just apply for self-employed residence permit online and register it once I arrived?
2) Do I need to provide a specific reason for why I need to come to Finland (i.e. business oriented on Finland market, etc.) or is it a myth?
Can't wait to start living in this amazing country, I loved it from the first sight and every time I come there I more and more long to live there. Yes, I came during the winter too :) Yes, finnish is hard but I am learning it.
I am coming alone, with no dependables. I aim to settle somewhere in Tampere (at least for the first year). Given the nature of my work and lifestyle, I can always come back in case something goes surprisingly wrong without sacrificing much.

Thank you so much and have a great day!

Non-EU citizen self-employed residence


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