Moving to Finland! HELP!

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Moving to Finland! HELP!

Post by nastka13 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:58 pm

Hey guys, i am Polish-American, 24F and I work as a tattoo artist. I am thinking of moving to Finland! The city I have in mind is Tampere. Im thinking of moving somewhere around Febuary 2018. I already have written to tattoo studios asking if they are willing to take me in. I have noticed most studios do mainly realism tattoos, and my style is so different so maybe it wont be that difficult. I speak english fluently, so there is always that possibility of being a Native Speaker and teaching english, either at a language school or privately ( Do Finns take private english lessons?)

Lets say, a studio writes me and they say they will hire me and i have a sound job before being in Finland, will that make the move easier? And will i have less things to register for or what? I have never moved to a different country on my own, i lived in Germany for 14 years with my family but that was when i was younger.

Also what about housing? I would be looking to rent a room, doesnt have to be big, something small will do ( I dont want to go bankrupt! ;p)
I know that i should also know Finnish, but maybe it wont be so bad to learn since i know 3 languages already, maybe I will manage somehow.


Moving to Finland! HELP!


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