pregnant, unmarried

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Re: pregnant, unmarried

Post by FlyWithMe083116 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:40 am

latikajamal wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:20 pm
I forgot to say...i applied in Vaasa :wink:
I remembered that time dec.28 our appointment time was Feb.24 because it's fully booked, but because I had my papers ready and I saw one slot that was came out suddenly, I got that time 2days the time while I'm browsing that was Jan.1 when I saw there is a slot for Jan.3 @1pm so I got it quickly and cancel the feb24 :wink:
Thanks God for our blessed and lucky baby :P
Everything seems so easy and in perfect timing :thumbsup:

Hello, I am planning to visit finland for my 2nd timr this April and we are planning to get married in Finland with my finnish boyfriend. Now my question is how to have authenticate my papers from Finnish consulate and how can it be done? I don't know any ideas about this...

Re: pregnant, unmarried


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Re: pregnant, unmarried

Post by tavastia » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:28 am

You will only need a certificate from your embassy that you are not married and your passport. This can be obtain from your home country also but then need to be either legalized or with appostile (depends of your country). Certificate can be in English also.

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Re: pregnant, unmarried

Post by latikajamal » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:31 pm

[/b]Hello, I am planning to visit finland for my 2nd timr this April and we are planning to get married in Finland with my finnish boyfriend. Now my question is how to have authenticate my papers from Finnish consulate and how can it be done? I don't know any ideas about this...

The certificate of non-impediment (certificate of no marriage record), must be legalized by your Embassy and the Finnish Embassy in your home country.

In my home country Philippines, we don't have Finnish Embassy.
The Norwegian Embassy who process our Visa under Finland, advised me to contact the Honorary Consulate of Finland In the Philippines, I contacted their office through email, and they replied telling me what to do And what to bring, they gave me an appointment also. They told me that they will legalize the certificate if it's already authenticated by our Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA).
I went there, with a receipt of 30€ in their Bank account,passport/copy, and the certificate of non-impediment which was authenticated by our DFA. In 10 mins, the Honorary Consulate of Finland authenticated my certificate, if I'm not mistaken, I saw that it was valid only for 3mos.

I dont know if the process are the same in every country. But that time the maistraatti telling my husband that the certificate must have 2stamps. So I'm sure, they need that.
As I always said, this is based on my experience.

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Re: pregnant, unmarried

Post by latikajamal » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:23 am

Hi to the readers and specially to all pinoys (Phil.citizen) in the forum :D
Just to continue my thread based on my experiences here in Finland :)

Ok about KELA, the main requirement  is the residence permit card.  I got mine after 3weeks(residence permit card) my husband called KELA office and they gave us an appointment 1week after. So we went to Kela office on February and we asked a lot about my benefits as a pregnant woman that time.
 So the girl said, we can do the application now for the CHILD BENEFITS  And about the maternity benefits, I dont think you are entitle to have it because you came here december and it should be 154days of stay before the delivery (april19 duedate).
My husband asked about the maternity box, the girl said yeah it's the same thing 154days of stay.
Ok my husband asked, can I buy the box because it's a good feeling for my wife to feel that she's part of the system. And it's like a souvenir. The girl said no, were not selling it.
She told to my husband, you can apply for the paternity benefits and put it to her account because she cannot get that maternity benefits.
  My husband said like this, we cannot change the system  that she's a part of it, if it's possible to grant her the box because it's a good feeling for her to get a gift from the government,  and I paid tax for all my life as a Finnish citizen, that's my only thing to ask, I hope you can give it to her, if not give me a chance to buy it. And the girl said, I will discuss this to our head department if she can get it, but selling is really not possible .  So it ended there.
After 2weeks, I got the kela card and also the letter stating that, I am not entitled to grant the maternity benefits, but I can get the maternity box hihihi ofcorse I'm so happy even though we have a lot of babies clothes already,  yeah I'm so happy, my husband was right,  it's a different  feeling😊.

I'm a happy mom now with my 4mos old healthy  baby boy ,thanks God.
 I stayed 4days in the hospital. I could say that everything was great. The midwife and nurses were extremely kind and helpful. I'm so happy even though I'm far from my comfort zone (family) I'm thankful because of these people in the hospital.  As a first time mom, they teached me how to do this, do that, and everything how to take good care of my baby. I cried and cried(due to hormones) but they were there to make you feel better. If I'm not mistaken my husband paid 44€ per day in the hospital( 44€ night and day, and everytime you will go to the hospital for checkup) the payment for the delivery was paid by KELA. that was a big help because my husband told me that  he saw the bill and it cost like more or less than 4K€. The hospital gave us, our baby's BIRTHCertificate with his identity code,  NO  NAME  at first I was confused because they will only call the boy"by my surname and the word pojke ". And I asked why no name? Hahaha... And they explained that you will give the name when you go to maistraatti and they will put that in the system, it's only the child's personal number is important in the hospital., and i said Ok ok...hahaha.
We got the letter from maistraatti,  asking about the Child's information. I read about baptism.  And I asked my husband if it's a must to do it (No! It's not a must) what's important is to send back that paper to maistraatti within 2months or else, the child will not be registered in the system  or getting a KELA card. In our case ,our baby was baptized at home ,a simple celebration and then the priest took the paper and  he's the one who send it to maistraatti.  After that we got our baby's KELA card.

 6weeks after the delivery, we went to neuvola for my postnatal checkup, and we  talked about benefits, she knew that I'm not entitled to maternity benefits because of the length of my stay and  she was shocked of the news that  I got the maternity box. And she said that's good to know for the first time.  AND she opened  about this benefits after post natal checkup.   I can get the  benefits but I need to send the medical certificate that they gave me to KELA after that check up,and so we did. I dont know if I will be able to get that or not, to be honest we just forget it, because we didn't get any letter from Kela about that up to now. 
We got the child benefit . (90€) every 26th of the month.

PREPARATION: EXTENSION OF MY RESIDENCE PERMIT /family ties, will expire on Jan 2019.
I already booked my appointment this November 7,2018. 2days before our 2weeks vacation in gran canaria.
 These are my thoughts,  if ever i will get my extension I'm sure it's 4yrs ,in  my RP card im still using my name (single) unless I will change the surname in my passport and report it to maistraatti so they will change. And so I talked to my husband about this situation, that I want to use my married name ASAP before my appointment date.
To the Filipino readers just go to the website of Philippine embassy in Oslo Norway how to report the marriage and BIRTH OF CHILD which I've already done last month.  Since we don't have Philippine embassy here in Finland the consulate in Helsinki will do the legalization and they will be the one who will report those papers in the embassy.  But be sure that after you will get the marriage certificate and birth certificate in maistraatti,  you need to send it first to Finnish foreign ministry for them to legalize before sending it to the consulate in Helsinki.
My son  already had his  finnish passport, and I want to get him a Philippine passport too.
Since we don't have Philippine embassy here it's not possible to get a passport in honorary consulate in Helsinki , unless the Philippine embassy in Oslo will have their outreach program once or twice a year in Finland. So my husband booked a ticket to oslo this 23 and 24 of August for 2days only to get our child a passport and for me to change my surname in the passport.
It says there in the site that no appointment needed when visiting the Phil. Embassy in oslo but ofcorse to make sure I already called them if It's  open at the said date because I told to them that it's only because of passport that's why we will travel and hoping to get the new passport before my appointment on November and our vacation at the same month. (Passport processing 4 to 6weeks ).

Have a nice day patient and be positive :D
Goodluck to all of us :thumbsup:

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Re: pregnant, unmarried

Post by latikajamal » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:17 pm

Just to continue my story..
I'm done with my changed surname in my passport , so now I'm using my husband's surname. :)
I'm done processing my son's Philippine passport, now he had dual citizenship :)
And ...
I'm so happy that I got my extended residence permit card for 4yrs :)
I applied this Nov.7 then we went to gran canaria for 16days vacation(sssshhh...we will be back on February to escape the coldness :D :) )
...and yesterday I received a mail with my card on it :)
It's very fast compare to my first residence permit (3weeks)

I applied Nov7
granted Nov 22..
and I got the card yesterday.

To be continued after 4yrs!
When I'm about to apply the citizenship :wink:

Goodluck to everyone!
Keep faith and believe!
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of us :)

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