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Post by loyal » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:25 pm

Hello everybody, thnks for reading.

just a litle bit of my situation, first i ask you no to judge, i made a mistake and i payed dearly, but most of all my faily is who is suffering the most.

I lived in Finlad for 13 years, i got married there with a finnish citizen with whom i got two wonderful boys, 7 and 12 now. Me and my ex-wife are now divorced, but we have an exellent relationship, we love our kids and want the best for them. I got a permanent residency after 5 years of marriage, all those years i was a good citizen, work pretty much all the time, payes my taxes, i went to university, i adjusted to the Finnish society, in a nut shell, Finlad was my home and i was very greatfull.

during the last years of my staying i made a mistake, that gave me a sentence of 2 years, from wich i spend hald of that time detained. immigration came to me and they told me they were gonna start a process of deportation due to the circustances i had been, the process lasted almost two years which i was allowed to stay in Finlad waiting for a desition, the desition came negative, they told me it was not deportation, but proibition of entry (porttikielto in finnis) wich is diferent that deportation, i wasnt gonna be allowd intoa Schengen state for a period of 5 years, there was an investigation if i was allowed to stay in finland taking into consideration the realtionship between me and the country of Finland, family, work, etc etc. It came to the conclution that by law a person that has had a scentence of more than one year is due to a deportation or an entry ban. i understood and took the responsability of my action, i left the country voluntairly.

the entry ban is about to expire, and i want to be togheter with my family, this is the reazon im writing in this forum, to see if any of you have experienced or know of some experiences similar to mine, or if someone has some type of advise that he or she could share, i'd really apreciate anithing you could share.

im planning to go back to Finlad to stay with my kids, visit there as a tourist and apply for a RP inside of Finland.

The questions i have are; do you believe immigration service would give me the opportunity to apply? and do you believe i have chances of getting a positive responce?

Does any of you think i have the legal grownds to do so? or what would you recomend?

once again please dont judge me, i made only one mistake in my life and i have leared my lesson. honestly im doing this becouse of my kids, i love them dearly and they love me to, i love both of them but my one kid is been having depresion and psicologycal problems becouse of me not being there. it kills me knowing that they suffer for somehting they are not responsable

on a the moment me and my ex-wife do not share join custody of our kids, we decided when i left that only her was gonna be the custodian due that my older kid has to get medical check ups twice a month, and me being out side of the country would make it very difficult for her to get my permissios and sing any papers of approval. but we planed to aplly again for joing custody of our kids a few months before the entry ban i have expires.

Thank you very much

back to Finlad after entry ban? (family ties RP)Porttikielto


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