Work base permit.

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Work base permit.

Post by Sirwise » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:42 pm

I really need your urgent reply, am an asylum seeker I have applied for work based permit I have a permanent contract of about 30hrs per week and I earn about 1700e after taxes. I got a letter from TE office asking if I have other employer I should provide the form tem 054 but I don't have any other employer. I want to ask if they will make decision based on my 30hrs which is not upto 37.5. And I don't know what to reply them. please if u have this kind of experience please tell me what to do and I also need your kind advice it's urgent

Work base permit.


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Re: Work base permit.

Post by tavastia » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:18 pm

It does not matter how many hours you work, the income matters only: ... equirement
Your income is exactly enough for 2 adults to get residence permits.
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Re: Work base permit.

Post by Piet » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:16 pm

LoveMeMore wrote:
The salary is not enough and that is why they have asked if you have another employer. All they need is a "proof of promise of more hours" to maximum the 37.5-40 hrs per week.
Go and talk to your employer and explain to them the situation and all that they have to do for you is to either give you a letter that "states they can give you more hours" to get the maximum hrs and.give to Te-office. That will solve the problem.

Email me to: [email protected] and I can assist you if u need more explanation and further help
Don't believe what [email protected] tries to sell you, he will be after your money soon enough, check his other posts. You should better go the oikeusaputoimisto = legal aid office and ask for their help, this is free for an income that low as yours.

But when I check, you only need to fill in the form and have it signed by your employer. there is no requirement to fill it up to 37,5 or more hours.
the requirement is 1,187 euros per month before tax!!!! you meet that requirement....!! Go fill in the form and have it signed by your employer!! you will get your permit!

See that was totally free and only by going to the migri web page: no need for a mrbeautifulwomen bullsh*t gmail con-artist!! who was wrong in the first place!!!!

source: ... e_and_work scroll down the page and there you find it.
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