Urgent: Consultant Visa App Within Finland

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Urgent: Consultant Visa App Within Finland

Post by ladygrey007 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:06 pm


So my bf owns a company and he wants to hire me as a consultant (not specialist, as that seems like a headache). I will be in Finland this Saturday for a week and after that I need to leave as my 90 days in Schengen are over. I have to make a decision right now whether to apply for the visa when I'm here or wait until I'm back in my home country which is gonna be months from now.

I think I got the gist of things but I have a few questions. Yes, I have searched this forum, but still not getting a clear answer.

So this is what I'm following: https://migri.fi/en/visiting-consultant-or-instructor

Wtf are "Application-specific" attachments - are they mandatory or optional? BF's company's lawyer said that an application and job contract is all thats necessary. Like what's the point of having terms and conditions, and then job description and then fringe benefits (what if there aren't any?) - wouldn't that be stated in the job contract?

Now, I understand I can apply within Finland and get an extension while they make a decision, but will I be able to apply and book an appt right away (I see hey have appts available next week, but everyone is always like you have to apply and then they contact you for an appt weeks after - or is that just for applications outside Finland?

Also, the lawyer said that these consultant visas get processed quickly, while other people on this forum are like it could take months? I know it depends but whats everyone's experience?

I'm also applying as a consultant for like art director/web designer whatever, which is related to my previous jobs but not my original degree. Should I attach a resume or reference letter to help?

Anyone have experience with a consultant/specialist visa? I'm really stressed and overwhelmed and would appreciate anything that could help.

Thank you!!!

Urgent: Consultant Visa App Within Finland


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