Family ties - weighty reasons?

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Family ties - weighty reasons?

Post by quillcentaur » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:46 am

Does anyone know what "weighty reasons" are accepted by Finland Immigration if you're applying under family ties but you haven't lived together for 2 years + yet with your partner, also not married?

We called the number for Other Grounds and another number by the immigration for advice and both have said "why don't you try to look into family ties". They said that in our case, I could apply for it?

I'm supposed to apply on Other Grounds - Intimate Relationship, but we called them to clarify if I can open toiminimi (self-employed entrepreneur) under that RP. I work online so I can do it anywhere. I'd just like to pay taxes to Finland.

As mentioned on this page: "If you have been granted a residence permit on some other grounds than entrepreneurship, you can still start a business in Finland if the main purpose of your stay in the country is some other than entrepreneurship (such as your family ties or studies). In other words, the main purpose of your stay in Finland cannot be entrepreneurship."

But it doesn't seem like that applies to Other Grounds, according to them... Because of limits on right to work.

Don't really understand why they think I would qualify for family ties though?

What do you think are weighty reasons aside from pregnancy or having a child?

Family ties - weighty reasons?


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