Residence Permit Family Ties

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Residence Permit Family Ties

Post by Dean » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:24 pm

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. could you share me your thought about my case?

My wife has a working visa A - 4 years, so I have submitted the residence permit based on family ties in Sep 2018, outside Finland, then went to the Embassy in my country to provide fingerprint in Oct 2019. After 6 months waiting, I have just got my application being processed and received a list of questions while my wife in Finland got a letter with a Clarification of Income and a list of questions as well. At the time I submitted, the average income in 6 months of my wife is exactly 1800 euro from a part-time job. She also has a saving account around 9k euro.

However, Migri asked her to submit the pay slip and bank statement of recent 6 months again, and any assets or property can generate income. My concern is my wife pay slip in the last 6 months is not enough 1800 euro. I and she do not have any property that can generate income. However, I am having a saving account 18k euro in my country which I would bring to Finland if I were granted the residence permit. So, if my wife provides Mirgi the bank account showing my name as the account holder, could that cover the weak point regarding my wife monthly salary. We are really worry that our case could be rejected.

Looking forward to hearing all of your opinions. Big thanks

Residence Permit Family Ties


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Re: Residence Permit Family Ties

Post by ICT » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:47 pm

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