Info HELP needed

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Info HELP needed

Post by darkman1 » Fri May 10, 2019 7:40 pm

hello dear all members.

11/6/2018 We have received the processing fee for your application. (€450)
11/6/2018 We have received your application and it is pending.
11/8/2018 A customer number has been created for you. You can see your customer number at the top of the page.
11/8/2018 You have proved your identity and a diary number has been created for your application. You can see the diary number at the top of the page. Your application has been placed in the processing queue. We will contact you if we need more information from you. Our processing times can be found on our website at
1/28/2019 The processing of your application has started. Contacting us does not speed up the processing of the application. If we need further information from you, we will send you a request through this service.
2/15/2019 The Employment and Economic Development Office has made a partial decision on your application. Your application is now in queue for processing at the Finnish Immigration Service. We will contact you if we need additional information. See our website for processing times.
4/18/2019 A decision has been made on your application.
4/18/2019 The decision will be served on you by the authorities. Please wait for the authorities to contact you.
Now i m really worried about it . for your kind information i am in finland now .
i do have Italian Permanent Resident card . i have applied with a italian restaurent contract in 3 weeks 90 hours .. so anybdoy have any idea whats going on ? is it positive or negetive ? thanks to all.

Info HELP needed


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