Licensing for non-EU medical doctors.

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Licensing for non-EU medical doctors.

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For all foreign doctors in Finland, please share your experience.

Currently, I am considering relocating to Finland and work as a medical doctor. I am a consultant dermatologist with over 35 years of clinical experience of skin and STIs. All my experience and qualifications are from non-EU.

I have mainly two questions.

First regarding the licensing process from Valvira for doctors from outside the EU.

As far as I understand the process goes in the following order as follows :

1) Get an approval from Valvira for my qualifications and medical trainings.
2) Get an internship in a hospital or a health center in Finland for at least 6 months (or more depending on the evaluation from Valvira).
3) Learn Finnish or Swedesh.
4) Take the 3 part examination.

So my question is: Did I understand the process correctly ? 
I found the process here - ... ate/doctor

My second question is regarding finding an internship in a public hospital or health center.

Is there any known hospitals that have a training internship programs for doctors from abroad ? Any advices on how to find an internship ?

I would really appreciate it if you can share some of your experiences.


Licensing for non-EU medical doctors.


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