Alien Act change on 1st June

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Alien Act change on 1st June

Post by linhvu93 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:07 pm


Have you heard/read about some changes in Alien Act on 1.6.2019? ... 019-alkaen
Labour market testing will not be done for all foreign nationals changing careers
If a foreign employee who has worked in Finland with a residence permit for an employed person for at least one year wishes to change occupation, the Employment and Economic Development Office will no longer perform labour market testing. Labour market testing means that the Employment and Economic Development Office establishes whether any suitable labour force is already available for the applicant’s job in the labour market in Finland.
Is anyone with the same background (been working in Fin for more than 1 year and wish to change job) has applied for changing recently (after 1.6.2019)? If yes, could you please share/advice about your case?

I understand that the application is almost the same (use Extend RP form & pay 190€ fee), but

- Do the applicants still need TEM.054 form from the employer or just working contract is enough?
- Will it take shorter time to get the decision ?
- Will new RP card be issued with updated field on that?
- Will the old working field and valid date remained as I am still working at that occupation, any papers/explainions need to be summited?

Thanks in advance and wish everyone have a nice week 😊

Alien Act change on 1st June


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