2 year entry ban and deportation

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2 year entry ban and deportation

Post by Wahid » Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:23 pm

Hello everyone
I was drunk and i broke the mirror of the cars one night and they considered it a theft. Another day i had one joint in my pocket and i tried to hide it from police that was around and tried to put it in a car in parking lot and i was caught with the joint again that its a theft.
I was deported back to my home country with 2 year of entry ban and an elegation that danger to Finnish society.
Now my ban is almost over in a month.
If i apply again in finland or any other Schengen country for study, is there any chance that i will get study permit?
My first priority is finland will they let me have a study permit if i get again admission in any university. If not will any other Schengen country will also refuse my study permit if i get admission in any other country.
The ban is almost over, i am clean from joints and my tests are clear and my police record from my home country is also clear. I have emailed migri about it and everytime i email they say that when the ban is over i will be considered as a normal candidate. But i dont know that danger to Finland elegation will also be removed from my name or not.

Thank you in advance for your reply

2 year entry ban and deportation


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