Prospective Students Aug/Sept 2015

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Prospective Students Aug/Sept 2015

Post by praneeth » Sun May 31, 2015 2:26 pm

I hope by now most of you have got offer of acceptance letters from various universities in Finland & are preparing to make a move. Lets all network here and share some information such as which university you are heading to and to which program, things which you are planning to take with you, any housing arrangements you have made and so on.

I've got admission to Masters Program in University of Vaasa & looking to network with students in Vaasa. I have submitted my student residence permit application. Once I get approval of my student residence permit, I will make a list of things to carry with your guidance. I'm also planning to apply to VOAS in Vaasa for student accomodation.

Let me know what do you think & share your thoughts.


Prospective Students Aug/Sept 2015


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