Spanish girl looking for a job

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Spanish girl looking for a job

Post by Anghara » Wed Aug 27, 2003 11:31 pm

29-year-old Spanish girl is looking for a job in Helsinki area. I'm a qualified and experienced teacher and have worked as a shop assistant and waitress. I have good knowledge of English, Spanish (native speaker) and a bit of French. I can use a computer and have experience in costumer care and dealing with children.
My email is [email protected] and should you contact me I would be very glad to send you my curriculum vitae.

Spanish girl looking for a job


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Post by demian » Thu Sep 04, 2003 8:50 pm

Hi, Anghara (Ángeles?)

I'm a fellow Spaniard who's lived in Turku for a while (8 months).
I'm not sure whether this will be of much help to you, but 2 websites come to mind (Spain/Spanish culture -broadly speaking- related) off the top of my head.
One is the (only one I've heard of, so far) Spanish Club of Finland ( ). I have browsed a bit through their pages and know they advertise (sometimes) jobs and meet up every now and then.
The other is a bilingual kindergarten for the children of the Spanish community or anyone else intested in giving their children the chance to learn Spanish (and the Spanish speaking countries' culture) from an early age; it's called Mi casita, and the web address is:

I can't promise anything as I haven't contacted neither of them personally (yet: i.e. might be interesting to follow what they do, maybe!), but I thought it may be worth giving them a call.

Other than that... you might want to try (with no guarantees at all, as always!) calling in/phoning some tranlation companies (you don't loose anything!), though most of them ask for formal qualifications (languages related). I'm planning to do likewise :wink: (knowing from experience, in Turku, it's hard and discouraging)

Ok, I wish you good luck,


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