Studying at Aalto Uni as architect student

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Studying at Aalto Uni as architect student

Post by Bsekkr » Thu May 18, 2017 9:54 pm

Hello, i am new here and i really wanted to ask you my question. I really want to get in Aalto University, i also talked with them but their english website didn't help me. I tried to ask them but all they told me was get in yki test and take 4 or 5. Is anyone here have inform about this university about how to apply? I am also learning finnish and i will live there for 1 year before i apply. Also if someone is here from this university can explain us how university and education is going. Thank you for all replies.

Studying at Aalto Uni as architect student


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Re: Studying at Aalto Uni as architect student

Post by AlexInHelsinki » Mon May 22, 2017 6:47 pm

Errr...I'm assuming you're referring to the MA program. It's all right here: ... w_to_apply

and if you still have questions:

Surely they can help you better than any of us (is this not pretty obvious? There's a ton of phone numbers there for you to contact various people if the one you've already spoken to was unhelpful).

You need to demonstrate that you speak English to a suitable degree, and they've told you that you need to take a language test. All of this information is right there on the website. Not sure what you're unclear about.

I believe you've also missed the deadline for applying for next year, so would have to wait until Dec '17 to apply to be admitted for autumn '18.

Also, if you're from outside the EU you'll need to apply for a student visa from your home country, so if you're planning on living here for a year before you attend school (on what visa?), you should take that into consideration. If you're from an EU member country, then it's pretty straightforward.

Also, if you're non-EU, non-EEA, or not Swiss, don't forget about the ridiculous tuition fees they've introduced.

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Re: Studying at Aalto Uni as architect student

Post by Rosamunda » Tue May 23, 2017 10:00 am

The Bachelors programmes are taught in Finnish/Swedish only: ... hitecture/
which is probably why there is very little information available in English and why they are asking for a 4 or 5 in the YKI test (Finnish level test). Aalto offers the 3+2 year degree: first, you do a Bachelors of Science in architecture and then the MSc. Application is initially for the BSc.

So if you want more information, you will probably need to google in Finnish. Also, it is likely that more information will be available closer to the application period (ie late autumn).

It is very competitive to get in. I know someone who has tried a couple of times already.

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