Question about filling the application

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Question about filling the application

Post by kenjiweiss » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:43 am

Hey everybody,
I am about to renew my permit for the next term and unlike the previous years I have gotten confused about how to answer some of the questions on my form and I hope you guys could help me.
The biggest confusion comes when I was filling the section 4.1 Income. It is asked "How have you secured your income in Finland?", that is not hard to answer, I have a document from my home country's bank stating how much money I have in my account and it is more than enough. The problems start in the section bellow "What is the origin of your personal funds?" and "How did you collect your savings?" , The money I have to study has always been a present from my parents, they deposit in my account so I can withdraw here in Finland and use it, but I don't feel that is the answer they are looking for. Honestly I feel like they are investigating me as if I have to be entitled to the money, I almost want to answer "I have collected this amount of money by my parents depositing the money in my account and me not spending it all", because that is as honest as I can get.
There are two other options for the origins of my personal founds " I have a sponsor/sponsors. Who sponsors you, and how did they get their funds? ", which I don't think it applies to me, because even though the money is given by my parents I am providing a document where it shows that the money is in an account under my name, also if that was the option for me would they want certificates from my parents salaries and their accounts statement? Which honestly would again make me feel like being investigated and very uncomfortable, because why would they have to be proving they have money to the Finnish government when they don't even live here.
The other option is "I have collected personal funds some other way. In what way?", which is just weird, how many ways can one collect founds.
I have been studying here for 5 years, I studied 3 years in a vocational school and then right after got accepted to a university of applied sciences, I have never had any problems renewing my residence permit, but for the first time I am unaware about the outcome this year. The new form is asking way more questions and being very ambiguous, it feels that if I answer anything wrong I'll get a negative decision.
Just another question, when I read the migri page looking for answer to those questions I came to this information, "When applying for an extended permit, a deposit in a Finnish bank account is the easiest and most reliable way to show that you have secure means of support.", I do have a Finnish bank account, but I always present a certificate from my bank back in my home country, I haven't transferred money to my Finnish account, because the process back there in my home country is too bureaucratic and it is too hard to do it when I am here in Finland. It is easier to me to withdraw a small amount of money every month and then depositing in my Finnish account, but transferring it all would be way too much and probably would just give me headaches. Has anybody here had any problems renewing their permit because their money wasn't in their Finnish account?
Sorry for the long post but I am anxious and want to do things correct.

Question about filling the application


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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by Amr90 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:12 am

Let me tell you that i face the same problem. i have applied for a RP 2 months ago. they asked me for additional information. "give us more proof about the source of your money" Plus they asked me to give them bank account for the last 3 years. Crazy? Right? i proved everything to them. and still waiting the answer ..

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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by kenjiweiss » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:29 am

What information did you provide them initially and what did you send them after they asked you for more information? Is it your first permit or extension?
I haven't even applied and I am getting frustrated, why can't they be more clear?

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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by liame » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:13 am

hi guys
i'm about to apply for the permit extention in a few months and i'm also perplexed by this new 'origin of funds' requirement

in my case the origin of funds is partly my employment and partly parents' sponsorship

i plan to attach my employment contract, payslips and two bank account certificates, from a finnish bank and from a bank in my country /since the sum on either of them alone is not enough/
i really hope they won't ask me to prove my parents' sponsorship as well

someone on a russian forum suggested that parents transfer money to student's account indicating 'donation from the close relatives' in the details of payment
the transfer receipt should suffice as a proof

/i cannot use it my case since the money were put on my home country account directly, not sent by a swift payment/

in any case if someone has already gone through application process and got a request for additional information or a final decision, please share your way of proving the origin of your funds

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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by Mizu1993 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:11 pm

Same here, the questions are really terrible. They definitely want to know everything and see if it's true. If you make a mistake, you may have to pay for it later in a high sum.

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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by wolf80 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:17 pm

Mizu1993 wrote:Same here, the questions are really terrible. They definitely want to know everything and see if it's true. If you make a mistake, you may have to pay for it later in a high sum.
Well, the reason for that is that many people have been cheating the system in recent years, pooling their funds and leaving the money only in the account until they got the residence permit, and then coming to Finland without the proper funds. That is why nowadays Migri needs to look much closer what the source of the money is.

I would still say, if you really have the money simply be as honest as possible and write a detailed answer.

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Re: Question about filling the application

Post by kenjiweiss » Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:55 pm

Just a follow-up, today I got my new residence permit card, and this decision has actually arrived in record time for me, only 30 days.
I can admit that I was panicking a bit with this new form, but what I did was take all the questions to the immigration center and they helped me tremendously. The first thing they told me is that it is not obligatory to detail how the funds have been collected if I have enough documentation proving I have enough money, meaning a bank statement under my name and three months of bank transaction. The transactions should preferably be in a Finnish bank, but the bank statement does not need to be from a Finnish bank.
I don't know how other students manage their finances here, but I keep all the necessary money in my home country's bank then withdraw every month what I need then deposit in my Finnish account by using talletusotto, and just by explaining this to the person that handled my application and showing that the money does arrive in my Finnish account through the transactions was enough.
Perhaps the fact that I have lived in Finland for almost 6 years also have helped me to get this permit easily, I don't know if they keep records of the applicants or not.
Long story short don't be afraid to ask questions, have a very transparent set of documents and don't worry too much.

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