Student RP Renewal Problem

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Student RP Renewal Problem

Post by z00m » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:33 pm

Hey guys,

Nice to meet you all. This is my first time posting here, so bear with me.

Anyway, I've been having some trouble getting credit points, which resulted in some problems when time came to renew my student residence permit. After waiting my applicated to be processed, I've been asked to provide some additional documents.

1. Clarification of Studies

Pretty straightforward, they expect me to write a clarification on how I am going to catch up and graduate. This is understandable, and raises no questions.

2. Means of Support

They are asking me to send a proof of 6720 EUR once again, even though in my original application I had all necessary bank statements for that one. The question is why, and do they have the right to do so?

3. Rejoinder of Recommendation of Deportation

They also asked me to tick on either I'm agreeing on being deported or not. Obvious questions: why did they do that, what for, and where are they going to use my answer?

Also, is this possible to get a lawyer consultation in Finland for free, if I am not working in Finland?

Will be grateful for any piece of information. Never ran into this problem up until Migri took place. Thank you in advance.


Student RP Renewal Problem


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