Student residence permit when lacking credit

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Student residence permit when lacking credit

Post by damoncord232 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:52 pm

Hello everyone
I'm a student and due to family reason, I only have 30 credit with a paper from my tutor that allow me to have extra 9 credit, along with an another paper from the tutor that explain the situation of my problem
My I applied my application to renew my RP in 28 August, it have been 2 month already and I have not receive any infomation about my residence permit, I have ask my local Migri and they said that because they transfered my application to Migri, it will take longer, there is a slight problem is that I must return to my country at 1st of December, when I will comeback is 5th of January

Does anyone have experience what I have been, and How long till you have your new residence permit?

Thank you

Student residence permit when lacking credit


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