Student RP application, required docs and source of funds

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Student RP application, required docs and source of funds

Post by murtaza101 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:01 pm

Hi all!

I've been recently accepted into a study place in Finland and therefore will be applying for a residence permit. I'm a citizen of Pakistan which doesn't have my embassy so my appointment will be done in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Had some related questions and was hoping if anyone can answer here:

- I have recently opened a bank account, as I didn't have a job before in Pakistan (was based elsewhere before and hence had no grounds to open a bank account in Pakistan) and therefore my father would be providing me with funds for the entire study duration. The funds shall be transferred to my account which I will demonstrate via my own bank statement, although I also plan to submit my father's bank statements and salary certificate as well. My question is how long duration should my father's bank statement cover? Moreover, will I need a written affidavit that certifies that my father is providing me with funds or is a mention in the application enough that my father will be my sponsor?
Would also appreciate if anyone can guide on what such an affidavit should actually mention if needed.

- It was mentioned that I need to have a document which says that I am legally residing in the country where I submitted my application. I, being a Pakistani citizen will submit my application online from Pakistan and only visit Abu Dhabi for the biometrics appointment. Will just passport copy be enough for me?

- Are there any specific documents that will be needed in my case? I did happen to have an employment before for 1 year but have no savings left from it (which is why my father is sponsoring me entirely). Should I give an employment letter for this employment as part of my application?

Here is a list of documents I plan to submit:
* Copy of passport and all pages
* Photo
* Letter of admission into university
* Letter of scholarship
* Health insurance certificate
* My own bank statement
* Father's bank statement
* Father's salary certificate
* Affidavit regarding provision of funds?
* Previous undergraduate degree certificate
* Employment letter for own job?

Will I need any further documentation?

Would appreciate any help possible! :)

Student RP application, required docs and source of funds


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Re: Student RP application, required docs and source of funds

Post by lujain_lg » Sun Jun 17, 2018 6:35 pm

You need to attach your bank statement and your dad's payslips and employment certificate.

To be honest, I do not know about the affidavit but, to prove you are residing in your country, you only need to attach your passport copy.

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