Overwhelmed by what to study any help?

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Overwhelmed by what to study any help?

Post by John_B » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:34 am

Hello first time posting on here.
I'm 34 living and working in Finland for nearly 10 years and I'm thinking about changing jobs but I think first I need to study something.

So I'm looking to do something that is practical. My background is vehicle engineering. Something like electrical (like computers, phones etc). But any ideas are all welcome.

However I'm not very good at studying and exams so I'm looking for a course that you learn on the job. Any ideas? Where and what do I go to for information?

Thank you.

Overwhelmed by what to study any help?


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Kössi K
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Re: Overwhelmed by what to study any help?

Post by Kössi K » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:07 pm

Hi there, did you manage to find anythign interesting to apply to yet? I just got back to the forum after a break, so this reply is a few months late.

But in case you're still checking this thread - and whomever else hasn't noticed these additional application possibilities, here are a few links worth checking out.
Since the actual application date for autumn education start dates has passed before the summer, one option is to look through the 'lisähaku' (additional applications) for those spots that actually are still free, someone else has cancelled etc., so the schools (higher education, for example) are still trying to fill up their quotas for this autumn.

Many of these are in Finnish, but for those who have been here for a while, it could be a possible option. And some pages mentioned they're offering studies in English, as well. Doesn't hurt to check out and try.
Some have entrance exams but there are some links within links that have other entrance options, as well.
Also worth checking are aikuiskoulutus, and muuntokoulutus for various fields, including engineering.

Korkeakoulut järjestävät lisähakuja yhteishaussa vapaiksi jääneille paikolle 2.7.−15.8. välisenä aikana.
This link was from https://opintopolku.fi/wp/fi/ main page (where the above heading is from) : https://opintopolku.fi/app/#!/haku/*?pa ... 06&tab=los
I was just checking some of these out for a friend, as they mentioned this in a news article earlier this week, that they'd sorely need students for engineer training. https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10302518

Same stuff mentioned here, with links to education paths: https://www.studentum.fi/tietoa-hakijalle/lisahaku-6065

And since not everything is in Helsinki - and it's often easier to get in in smaller towns than the capital region, Turku or Tampere, it's worth checking out other areas, too, if possible. I saw another article, that for example in Satakunta, "Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun Porin kampukselle haetaan innokkaita energia- ja ympäristötekniikan ja konetekniikan insinöörikoulutuksiin. Rauman kampuksella täyttämättömiä paikkoja on logistiikka- ja merenkulkuinsinöörikoulutusten lisäksi kansainvälisen kaupan tradenomikoulutuksessa sekä englanninkielisissä ohjelmissa."
Joha mie sanoi, vaikken mittää virkkant.

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