ENTRANCE EXAMS information: Metropolia- International business and logistics, Haaga-Helia International business 2018

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ENTRANCE EXAMS information: Metropolia- International business and logistics, Haaga-Helia International business 2018

Post by betka.olejarova » Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:21 am

Hey guys, I already wrote the articel about 2 entrance exams, I took other 2 an I forgot write about it, I hope it will be helpful for someone, because i had big problems with finding something helpful while i was preparing for exams.

Metropolia- International business and logistics
Firstly, i heard that metropolia is the biggest and most popular UAS and i expected something huge. Nope. The campus for this programme is old, i didnt feel good, everything was small and old, i expected something better and inovative.
1. Math test, as always, easy, basic stuff, equation, percentage, probability, too easy. But also i heard people talking that it was too hard? I dont know, I had maths at secondary grammar school, and THIS was like for 14yo pupils. Maybe there is really big difference between schoolsystems in countries.
Anyway, try to focus on basic stuff, logical thinking.
2. Essay based on given material- easy. Read careful, write careful 😂 any economic themes, general problems. Try to enrich your vocabulary
3. Teamtask
It was quite silly, i was in the group with 8 people (so much for me), we had 2 tasks, 1. There where 2 samples we had to discuss which one is better for "investor".
At the end, i heard from other group, that we had not to discuss which is better and agree with each other, but we had to find advantages and disadvantages on both... okay then, i dont know. But it was quite funny and easy anyway
2. Coming up with new business idea, its logo, add, for who, where, everything.... at the end i heard that we had to present it! We didnt. And our time passes 😁 so read carefully.
4. Interview-personal
Easy, friendly talk, questions like why did u choose finland, why this university, what would u like to do after studying, what is your strenght, weakness, hobby....
Try to watch some videos on YT, it helped me. And try to be yourself
That's all. I had feeling that the exams was tooo easy if this is the best school. And i didnt feel comfortable there. But thats only my opinion ☺

2. International business Haaga-Helia
I wanted to get there the most, and also exam was the hardest (for me ☺)
1. Math test- basic stuff, but i had to really pay attention on every word, it took more time to solve one problem
2. Aptitude test (true/false) based on report + Essay based on given material
It was challenging, really. Finally something difficult! 😂 aptitude test, u had to understand every word im the articel, because questions were silly, firstly, it seemed that every answer is correct. Essay was based on articel, but articel was about entrepreneurship, so finally my enriching of vocabulary helped 😂 The report was too long, i didnt read it all. I didnt have to. There were written in which capitol is what, so according the question it was enough to read a couple of these. So pay attention
3. Interview
I was in group with 3 people, 2 teachers. Firstly they asked everyone different questions, it was easy but i had to know what to answer-what they want to hear.
Which personal qualities should have good entrepreneuer, on what would you like to focus in this prohramme (entrepreneurship, marketing, communication...) and why, why would you be sucessful in the future, what is important in nowdays society,...
Then we got theme and had to discuss with each other.
It was quite challenging too.

At the end, here I am, I got on Haaga-H. International business, the results came as first, at the end of april. I wanted this the most so I accepted, i didnt wait for other results. Then Multilingual Management on Haaga, in my results were written that I didnt get the place because of one of the reasons, one reason there was that I am already accepted on my higher prefference.(IB at haaga)
/but i think i had enough points, because exam was a lot easier/
Then, I got the results from Metropolia at the end of june, I am accepted. Arcada I dont know, when they want to send the results 😂

So now I live in helsinki in Hoas, i have all needful documents for living here. If u have any questions, i am here to help you ;)

I was so afraid that i dont pass the exam, i was so stresful, but my boyfriend always told me keep calm and try to focus and learn as much as possible. I didnt know what, so i studied english (its not supergood, sorry wor my grammar), vocabulary mostly -focus on economics, general economics themes, math. I didnt write any essays at home, but it would be definitely helpful if you want. But if you are flexibel, clever, and can speak, dont be afraid! Good luck ;)

ENTRANCE EXAMS information: Metropolia- International business and logistics, Haaga-Helia International business 2018


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