Tuition fee with ending residence permit

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Tuition fee with ending residence permit

Post by Polar_velo » Mon Apr 20, 2020 1:15 am

Hello. I currently have type A permit valid until September 2020.
I applied to schools that start this autumn. I don't think I can renew my type A permit. So then I will have to apply for student visa. With current permit I don't have to pay tution fee but when I have student visa I have to because I am not from EU.
My studies will start in August. So.. In my situation, would I have to pay tution from the first semester or am I still exempt for first semester(or 1 year??) if I have type A permit till september?
If anybody knows, it will be very appreciated if you can answer this. Thank you.

Tuition fee with ending residence permit


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Re: Tuition fee with ending residence permit

Post by lampaska » Mon Apr 20, 2020 11:20 am

I guess, it is important that your type A residence permit would be valid at the beginning date of an academic year. For instance, this is the regulation in Aalto: You will be considered liable to tuition fees at the time of applying, if you do not have a required document exempting you from tuition fees that is valid at the start of the academic year (i.e. 1 August).

So, in your situation you'd need to pay a tution fee for your second year of studies. You can also check the requirements for incentive-based scholarships in your university.

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