Looking for swimming lesson

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Looking for swimming lesson

Post by rastafari1 » Tue May 12, 2015 2:38 am

Hi am looking for some swimming lesson for girls...any trainer out there please holla....

Looking for swimming lesson


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Re: Looking for swimming lesson

Post by AldenG » Tue May 12, 2015 2:47 am

Swim high . .
Swim low . .
Swim fahst wid da bending ob de el-bow.

(contributed royalty-free to de public domain)
As he persisted, I was obliged to tootle him gently at first and then, seeing no improvement, to trumpet him vigorously with my horn.

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Re: Looking for swimming lesson

Post by Redshift » Sun May 17, 2015 9:43 am

Don't public swimming pools offer lessons? Go to the nearest ones and check.

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