Veikkausliiga football games

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Veikkausliiga football games

Post by passgonewrong » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:01 pm


I live in Finland for a period and I am interested in watching Veikkausliiga games. I just found a website It is about 30 euros there for a month but so does that cover all the games? And do they have wide options? I mean that if there are many games at the same time, I can choose.
I also noticed Ilta Sanomat, they cover some streams but 9 euros per game is not a good deal with this online age :)

So can anyone recommend me a good site to use for that or maybe would be the best option? Or maybe even to order a certain TV channel?

Thanks in advance, I wrote here because my finnish is not that good yet.

Veikkausliiga football games


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