Mould in the bathroom

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Mould in the bathroom

Post by VitaminD2020 » Sun Dec 06, 2020 7:45 pm


My bathroom was renovated 1,5 years ago during the putkiremontti.
However, I started to see mold growing on the surface. Is this something should be covered by the warranty?



Mould in the bathroom


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Re: Mould in the bathroom

Post by NukkuMatti » Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:53 pm

I believe:

Mould is not a result of "remonti" but a moisture / ventilation issue.

I think (99% sure) that if there has not been made a mistake with closing air vents or ventilation ducts in error, it is no warranty, but this mould is a result of: 1) the bad ventilation system of the building, 2) the more wet weather in the past years due to global warming and 3) the (potentially) wrong use of the bathroom.

My solution was:
You have to remove the mould as quickly as possible, preferably wipe after removal with chlorine, and keep doing this daily / weekly, until you find the source. Make sure to wet the mould first with a plant spray bottle filled with 50/50 chlorine solution mix, before removal. If mould gets really dry, it will shed spores in the air, when touched and it will pop up everywhere (also bad for your lungs, so use a FFP2 / N95 mask). Use (new) disposable rags / cloths to wipe clean, without spreading it out (wipe from the outside to the inside of the contaminated area every time with a new piece of cloth). If it is on wood surface, sand the surface carefully afterwards when still little moist, spray more chlorine on the place and repeat the wipe.

Sadly the mould repellent paints are forbidden now (Brussels environmental directives).

good luck and stay safe.

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