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Post by Kemars » Sun Sep 21, 2003 8:26 pm

well, if you work for Nokia and have a tri band phone, no worries, you are covered and do not have to pay for a minute of your talk time while on vacation. ( I never have and talked up a storm last 2 times I was there and I am currently here now). But if you do not, I can ask a couple carriers here (CINGULAR and ATT&T wireless) for ya and see if they have a prepaid service here in the states. Where are you planning on traveling to? that would be a big help as far as what area would be covered with GSM 900/1800/1900 network with which the 3650 is working on.

charger there will work fine in the USA as long as you get a step down power converter (from 220v to 110v) it will have the finnish female input and have a US male output to the socket in the wall in the US. You can get them anywhere and even think you can get them in Finland, though it would be cheaper to get them here in the US. I paid $7 dollars for mine and it works great. 50watt converter and it also works with laptops, and other electrical appliances you wish to bring with you from finland...though only up to 50 watts..your pushing it with a blow dryer..but it does work...

hope this helps...I will get back to you regarding the prepaid sim cards here hopefully either tomorrow or the next day. just pm me to remind me.. =)

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