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Re: Invoice from free online movie

Post by Beep_Boop » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:09 am

Upphew wrote:Lawyers paying for some other company to get some IPs? I don't think so, they might end up without money. Afaik there is a company that collects the evidence and IPs. Then people behind that company have started other companies that bought licenses for the content they found to be pirated. Then that company hired lawyers to handle all the footwork here in Finland.
Nope. When you think of these companies, don't think regular lawyers. They're predatory lawyers setting up shop purely for this line of business. They do not buy any licence to any content at all! They represent the copyright holders.

I'm quite familiar of this line business, especially the companies that do this in Finland. They really do go about this the other way around: They buy lists of Finnish IP address with corresponding torrent name downloads from data collection companies, and then go to the copyright holders telling them they can recover costs for their content. Alternatively, they go first to the copyright holders to get hired, and then they go to the data collection companies asking them for lists of Finnish IP addresses that downloaded their customers' materials (slightly more expensive than the previous data set since), or they give them a list of movies and TV shows from their clients and ask them to give them Finnish IP addresses that downloaded them.

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Re: Invoice from free online movie


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Re: Invoice from free online movie

Post by harryc » Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:21 pm

I wonder why the FBI, Interpol. the 'new' KGB, etc. are not hunting down the 1000s who are now uploading commercial movies to Youtube - rather than the poor soul that downloads some of them?

It's like letting the bank robber who broke into the vault go free - and arresting a few people on the street who picked up some of the banknotes the robber dropped.

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