Buying a Smart TV from Amazon UK

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Buying a Smart TV from Amazon UK

Post by Ice_Man » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:45 pm

Despite Gigantti's latest sale offers, it seems there is better value buying a TV from Amazon UK and having it shipped over to Finland.

Other than a UK plug, is there anything else to be aware of when purchasing a TV from UK? Guess the default language for the TV is English (a plus for me). If it includes a built in digi-box, will this work seamlessly in Finland?

Buying a Smart TV from Amazon UK


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Re: Buying a Smart TV from Amazon UK

Post by Rosamunda » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:12 pm

Have you checked that they will actually ship to Finland?

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Re: Buying a Smart TV from Amazon UK

Post by riku2 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:54 pm

no it won't work seamlessly. the firmware is different. the channels will not be automatically numbered (YLE1 = ch1, YLE2 = ch2 etc) since the firmware wants to allocate ch1 to BBC1. The EPG might not work for 7 days (but will at least work for now + next). You should check if the tuner handles VHF since in the UK they only use UHF but Finland has VHF TV channels as well as UHF.
There is then the issue of whether you get your signal as Cable or Terrestrial (and it's by no means obvious since some blocks of flats have shared antennas so the signal is DVB-T but the wall socket looks identical to one where the block has DVB-C). Many TV's are DVB-C + DVB-T but some sold in the UK might be DVB-T only (because DVB-C isn't used in the UK). In finland most TV's are DVB-C & DVB-T.

personally I buy larger items from amazon germany anyway since the shipping is free. I have a BD HD recorder from Germany but it's DVB-S and a Humax recording digibox from the UK which doesn't pick up any finnish HD channels but otherwise works ok.

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