Need information: residence permit

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Need information: residence permit

Post by Juandelacruz » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:57 pm

Hi I need answers to the following questions:

1. I am late to re apply for residence permit extention for 1 month coz i was unable to find the right employer, will I be rejected? What are the consequences.

2. My contract is 0-40hrs, can i use my old contract for renewal of residence permit although I have no work for many months, I can only show salary slip for couple of months.

3. Am I allowed to work part time in other jobs? Or do I need to file a new application for permit based on different kind of work.

4. If I find a suitable employer while the renewal of permit application is being processed with old contract (see 2.), ie new contract can I just add new document or file for new application? How do I cancel the first.

5. Would I continue to receive benefit from Kela while renewal of residence permit is being processed? How about during an appeal after the negative decision? How much does an appeal filing cost?

6. How long is the travel ban if I am voluntarily returning after rejection of appeal or deported.

I hope you can give me answers. Thanks!

Need information: residence permit


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