Driving Test

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Mrs Adnan
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Driving Test

Post by Mrs Adnan » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:17 pm


I wanted to know a bit more about driving test experiences from the users here please :)

I took my driving test today and unfortunately I did not pass. According to the examiner, my mistake, which cost me negative result was that I was below 100 km/hr speed limit while overtaking on the high way and occupied the over taking lane for longer period.

there were of course some minor mistakes as well, but according to my instructor, who was listening to the feedback, that those minor mistakes does not affect the result and if not for the above major mistake, he would have passed me.
The examiner suggested that I am very good overall in handling the car and situations and would need a couple hours only.
After that, my instructor suggested that I take the next exam asap and the available slot was tomorrow itself.
I had an hour lesson today and have an additional lesson before the test itself.

Now I am getting a bit nervous that if taking the exam again so soon was a good idea or not. I am confident of my driving skills :) but i think you can imagine that after failing for the first time, it can get on your nerves! :?

Also, I am also a bit confused about the new system. I am one of the persons who enrolled to driving school while it was old system with more lessons and different system when giving feedback and the system moved to new one while i was learning and the feedback is now given in a different way.

According to my instructor, if car stops once or twice , it is a minor mistake, and you are allowed at least 3 minor mistakes.
But I honestly am confused what exactly are minor mistakes and what are major mistakes. :( If anyone has some idea, please do give feedback.

If anyone has some suggestions and tips, i would really appreciate!
Thank you in advance!

Driving Test


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Re: Driving Test

Post by Beep_Boop » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:47 pm

Major mistake is when your driving creates a hazardous situation that may or may not cause others to react to address it.

Overtaking with a wide speed difference creates a hazardous situation whereby a speeding car on the overtaking lane can collide with you while you struggle to go back to your lane. Other examples include crossing into oncoming traffic lane which causes other drivers to brake suddenly to avoid crashing with you.

Honestly, don't concentrate too much on what minor and major mean. Just focus on driving according to the rules and be a defensive driver. If you maintain that, there's no doubt that you'll pass on your next attempt.
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Mrs Adnan
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Re: Driving Test

Post by Mrs Adnan » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:06 am

Hi :)

Just wanted to update here that I passed my driving test the next day itself :D

I wanted to esp thank Beep_Boop for his advice, which was actually really helpful.

and wanted to update in case it is helpful for anyone in the future!

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