Motorcycle license issues

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Motorcycle license issues

Post by vla » Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:08 pm


I have a B license issued in Chile with which I can drive in Finland and the Schengen area at least. I also have a C license that allows me to drive a motorcycle in my country. I have asked in Ajovarma since the class for Finland is A (or A1, A2) and they said I cannot drive a motorcycle in Finland because of this.

How that this work? I know that for example in the US the license is M1, M2, so that this mean that I cannot drive a motorcycle nor in Finland nor in the US? What about Americans, they cannot ride in Finland either? Or the other way?

What should I do? I think I can exchange my chilean license for a finnish one but maybe I need to have lived in Finland for a long period, but that would only give me the B class, then I guess I should get an examination or something for getting the A class. Any help with this? I have asked this very same to Ajovarma but they only replied "you are not allowed to drive a motorcycle" and didn't suggest anything.

I would like to buy a motorcycle in may (birthday gift) but of course I need to solve this first.

Thanks for the guidance!

Motorcycle license issues


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Re: Motorcycle license issues

Post by PJG » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:49 am ... dex_en.htm

You need to submit your Chilean license along with an authorised translation (I don't know who is authorised, ask Ajovarmi/Trafi for guidance) which should clarify for which motorcycle category you are currently licensed.

Don't be dissuaded by the person you spoke with in Ajovarma, just be polite and try another person/office. It's easier to find a helpful person (and there are plenty who are) than argue with a stubborn individual. Keep in mind that there's every likelihood the person you deal with has never handled this specific circumstance previously, so help them out by giving them a printout of the Europa page above (it's the official EU citizen's information portal), where it clearly says that Chilean licenses can be exchanged for A, A1, A2 and B categories. Once they see this, it should just be down to having the confirmation of which EU category corresponds with what's on your Chilean license, which is where the approved translation should help explain that.

Safe travels!

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