Motorcycle license issues

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Motorcycle license issues

Post by vla » Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:08 pm


I have a B license issued in Chile with which I can drive in Finland and the Schengen area at least. I also have a C license that allows me to drive a motorcycle in my country. I have asked in Ajovarma since the class for Finland is A (or A1, A2) and they said I cannot drive a motorcycle in Finland because of this.

How that this work? I know that for example in the US the license is M1, M2, so that this mean that I cannot drive a motorcycle nor in Finland nor in the US? What about Americans, they cannot ride in Finland either? Or the other way?

What should I do? I think I can exchange my chilean license for a finnish one but maybe I need to have lived in Finland for a long period, but that would only give me the B class, then I guess I should get an examination or something for getting the A class. Any help with this? I have asked this very same to Ajovarma but they only replied "you are not allowed to drive a motorcycle" and didn't suggest anything.

I would like to buy a motorcycle in may (birthday gift) but of course I need to solve this first.

Thanks for the guidance!

Motorcycle license issues


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