Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?

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Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?

Post by mois_2012 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:26 pm


I would like to fly to a German city from Helsinki. The airline I want to fly its website shows that if I fly to another city than my actual destination, it is cheaper. For example: If I want to choose Frankfurt as my destination instead of Munich, then it shows a cheaper price. The flight will go to Frankfurt but via Munich. The return flight will also come from Frankfurt via Munich. So, I can easily stay in Munich instead of going to Frankfurt and in return flight, I want to take the flight from Munich instead of taking the flight from Frankfurt.

My questions are:

1. I know, I can stay in Munich without going to Frankfurt without any problem. I know I can check-in online and then just use the second ticket. I might not have the opportunity to print it out or my phone battery might die. So, if I take the return flight from Munich instead of Frankfurt, will it be a problem to print the check-in card in the machine at Munich airport?

2. Will I face any legal problem at the Munich airport if I take flight from Munich instead of Frankfurt?

If anyone has experienced such a situation please share it with me or if anyone knows for sure about this kind of situation, please share it with me.

Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?


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Re: Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?

Post by heretostay » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:02 pm

Wrong forum for this. Go here and have all your questions answered by people who do this regularly. ... ns-15.html

* ‘wrong’ as in not the best forum. I did not mean to imply that the question was inappropriate for this forum. Apologies.

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Re: Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?

Post by riku2 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:28 am

so you want to buy one ticket which is a helsinki-frankfurt return routed HEL-MUC-FRA and then FRA-MUC-HEL but you plan to fly only the HEL-MUC part, spend time in MUC and then use just the MUC-HEL part to get home?

it will not work. once you miss the MUC-FRA flight the rest of the booking is cancelled and you will have to buy a new ticket to get home. If you only find this out when you go to check in for MUC-HEL it will not be cheap (and the cheapest way to get home will be to buy a MUC-HEL return and throw away the HEL-MUC part of that).

tricks like doing online checkin for MUC-FRA but not turning up will not work. When the boarding deadline comes (say 20mins before departure) they know who has checked in but not boarded, they might even make an announcement onboard to check they did not miss you going through the gate "if there is a mr riku onboard will you please make yourself known to the crew". within a few hours the rest of your ticket is cancelled. The only exceptions for this are if one of your flights is delayed and you miss the MUC-FRA flight because of that. They will still want you sooner or later to fly a MUC-FRA flight.

I have thrown away segments at the end of my ticket (eg bought a LHR-HEL return but not used the HEL-LHR part) but this only works for throwing away the end of your ticket. All airlines will cancel the whole ticket if you do not take the flights in sequence.

one option is to have stopovers in your ticket. I have bought HEL-HKG return at 800e which was routed HEL-LHR-KUL-HKG and HKG-LHR-HEL. In reality I had a 10 day stopover in KUL (kuala lumpur) and 3 hours in HKG. This was because a HEL-KUL ticket was 1200e. This works because I did not miss any of my ticketed flights and the HEL-HKG ticket allowed a stopover (in KL) and the ticket did not specify a minimum stay in HKG. But even our corporate travel agent didn't know about such tricks and I found it using ITA matrix instead:

For you though, short haul tickets seldom have free stopover options. A HEL-FRA ticket which allows a stopover in MUC will not be cheap (in this scenario you still fly MUC-FRA and FRA-MUC but perhaps have only 2 hours in FRA).

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Re: Does anyone have this kind of travel experience?

Post by Russel Sherman » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:07 am

Thanks for info!

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