All British women born in the 1950s

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All British women born in the 1950s

Post by snorlonikins » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:52 pm

You may be aware that the UK Government changed the goal posts on the retirement age for women, not once, but twice.

WASPI International (ex pat 1950s Ladies fighting state pension changes) have been working hard to persuade the Government to plan some sort of transitional pay scheme to prevent further distress to many affected women.

WASPI does NOT disagree with the same retirement age for men and women, but the way in which many of us were not properly informed, thereby not able to make alternative arrangements.

The ''Back to 60'' campaign group have been granted a Judicial Review, if the JR finds in favour of that group, then the Government may feel a lot happier to deal with the WASPI proposal.

The WASPI International page on FB is a ''closed group'' but would really would want to have the support of any ladies in Finland who may be affected, or who wish to support WASPI. Other WASPI ladies have already set up networks in France, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.


All British women born in the 1950s


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