Finland Frieght Forward Service?

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Finland Frieght Forward Service?

Post by LDB » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:10 pm

I am looking for a freight forward service within Finland/Estonia, my fiancé and I got engaged in Finland March 2018 and at the igloo resort in Saariselka they had these candles Hansa Candles, which we loved the smell of and brings back the nostalgia of the night under the northern lights.

I’ve found 4-5 websites that sell these candles the exact ones and have a Finnish friend here in Sydney and he’s advised me about a standard worldwide packing box we can get the items shipped in but we are struggling to find someone to be the middle man to receive the bought candles and ship them to us. ... rcels.html

Is there a service in Finland like that of America ReShip or MyUS where we can get these delivered to then sent on to us?

The candles are Hansa Candle barcode: 4740302030201

If anyone can give me some guidance it would be much appreciated, or if someone is willing to help us that would mean the world.

Kindest Regards!

Finland Frieght Forward Service?


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