Criminal Record/Police Clearance for Petty Shift

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Criminal Record/Police Clearance for Petty Shift

Post by stadinslangi » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:58 am

Hello all,

I read there are similar discussions for the topic but the situation is a bit different.

In case of petty shift (vandalism, shop shift, etc), if the owner of the property insists to go for court, not fine or other mediation manners, what would happen to the person's criminal record or police clearance?

- Will this petty shift punishment goes to criminal record? or only stay on police record? any differences or levels of such record does Finland have?
- Will such record prevent the person to obtain certain jobs? Airport working? teaching? corporate job? software engineer jobs?

(edit to add some content)
I have been using the following link to get information ... steri.html

However, it is still not very clear how big penalty petty shift (within 100 euro) can get to a person. Also unclear what jobs are prevented to a record of such.

Thanks a lot!

Criminal Record/Police Clearance for Petty Shift


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