Depression and Finnish language

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Re: Depression and Finnish language

Post by Cinead » Fri Apr 24, 2020 1:38 am

Mackee23 wrote:
Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:55 pm
Well I have just moved here, but have taken a part time Finnish class in the UK before arriving (it was once a week, not sure that even counts as part time). Finnish is super hard and I definitely feel depressed about it sometimes. I really want to learn. I feel really bad about speaking English to people in shops and stuff so I basically just try to avoid speaking to people.

I have a language assessment at the end of the month and I am hoping to start a language course within a couple of months.

I really want to learn Finnish and I feel like if I want to make a life in Finland I really need to speak the language, but I'm afraid that I will never be reach a conversational level.

Also I knew Finnish people before I moved here, we visited frequently, but since I have moved here people do not seem to be very friendly. Maybe it's just the time if the year? Finns are definitely more social and friendly in the summer. I guess that I have just had really bad luck. We spent 2 years planning to move here, but obviously did not plan for a pandemic.

Hopefully in time things will get better. I am going to do what I can to try and learn the language and hope that it doesn't drive me crazy in the process. Sometimes I feel like nothing is sinking in, but then I go to my Finnish language books and find that I am able to understand things and complete exercises with ease, so some of it must be going in. I can't have conversations with my family in Finnish, but I could have a basic conservation with a stranger if I had to and I can order a round of drinks at a bar; if there were any bars open.

I speak better Finnish after a few drinks, so maybe I'm more Finnish than I think, because Finns seems to speak better English after a few drinks or at least seem more confident.

In conclusion, yes, its very hard and I too feel like quiting all the time, but if we hang in there and keep trying we get to be part of this secret Finnish world. We get to know a language that is not widely spoken around the world, which I think is pretty cool and possibly the most appealing thing about learning Finnish.
My advice is: move to Sweden... Why wouldn't you? You'll get a very similar culture, very similar nature and landscape, very similar weather.... With the added bonuses of a language you can actually learn that is quite similar to English, and people that are overall nicer and friendlier. At least I wish I could.

Re: Depression and Finnish language


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