Responsibility for mail theft

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Responsibility for mail theft

Post by Ralil » Wed May 29, 2019 3:24 pm

Hi all,

Just moved into a new flat, postboxes are in a communal area downstairs by the shared entrance.

Recently I received a note from a fellow tenant who said that she had been the victim of mail theft and fraud. Apparently, they had got her name, run a credit check using a fraudulent letting company to obtain her date of birth, then applied for credit cards in her name. After this, they had taken the credit cards out of her postbox when they got delivered (including pin presumably) and used it to buy good :oops:

My question is, presuming this mail theft was committed at the box (either someone with a master key for all boxes or someone putting their hands through the letter flaps) and not the sorting office - surely it's the management company's responsibility to secure these boxes? (They have said it isn't).

What steps would you take?

Responsibility for mail theft


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