Kitchen hood clean up

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Kitchen hood clean up

Post by agroot » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:28 pm

Continued from the odor problem in my apartment (3 months already!!). The last source is the ductless kitchen hood. So far I have done:

- wash steel mesh filter with some grease cleaner that smells very toxic
- replace carbon filter and add fabric grease filter (some carbon filters really stink themselves BTW)
- wash the duct which sends dirty air to ceiling (then it falls down, the design is ridiculous!)
- take out and wash the fan inside with vodka and vinegar. washed the metal box too.
- seal the duct and some gaps around the kitchen cabinet where dirty air leaks out, basically forces 99% of air to ceiling.

The result is obvious, but the air vented out is nowhere as clean as fresh air. Is this normal? Should I call someone for professional clean up? I'm sure I couldn't have caused the very old grease smell by myself, but why didn't I smell it when I first moved in? Does ventilation work better than in winter than summer?

As for the design, why is the dirty air vented from the duct into the top of cabinet which then enters the ventilation hole slowly and some of them leak back into kitchen through gaps of cabinet? Am I allowed to add something that connects the duct and the ventilation hole directly? Or a pipe from duct to window? Ductless design feels very stupid since air in apartment here is supposed to be static.

Kitchen hood clean up


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