Contract termination

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Contract termination

Post by Zizzy » Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:20 pm


I have a question regarding lost job.
I have been temporarily laid off from March till September, but in September my contract was terminated and since September I’m unemployed due to economic reason. I have job residence permit without restrictions and for 4 years.
On migri website it’s written you can change jobs, but I don’t understand if I should let them know that I have lost the job. Before I asked a lawyer and he told me there is no need as it’s corona time.
Also I get support from kela unfortunately. I’m actively looking for a new job but don’t get anything ...
I’ve seen on Yle news that migri stated in July that 6 months of lay off won’t affect residence permit. Now I think I got to any job (I used to work in administration). Do you think it’s okay that I was not working for so long or no? Shall I contact migri?

Thank you in advance!

Contract termination


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