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Use Of Jobs Forum - Please Observe

Post by neil » Tue Mar 09, 2004 11:41 am

When posting to the Jobs forums, please note the following:

1. There is strictly no commerical jobs advertising allowed anywhere within this site without permission. This particularly applies to marketing compaines and pyramid sellers.

2. Once approval has been given, please prefix the subject of any job ad with JOB: <job title>. This will help users who browse the forums see actual jobs more easily.

3. If inquiring about working/studying prospects, please include information of your background, most importantly are you EU/non-EU citizen (work permit & visa regulations), do you have ties to Finland (such as married to a Finn, a 2nd generation emigrant) and do you have experience in your field and most importantly, do you speak Finnish. This will help us help you!

4. Please do not use capitals in the subject line as it is likely such posts will be removed and without warning.

5. Finland Forum reserves the rightto immediately remove posts or threads, and without notice.

These rules may read as being a little harsh, but they exist to protect our forum commumity.


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Use Of Jobs Forum - Please Observe


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