Aalto accounting student looking for job

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Aalto accounting student looking for job

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I am a Chinese female student studying master degree of Accounting in Aalto University and I minored in Finance. I will graduate in May this year. So, I have good knowledge about financial related matters and laws of both Finland and China.

I have worked in an auditing firm as junior auditor in China before coming to Finland. In Finland, I have worked in a local accounting firm and my responsibilities mainly include bookkeeping; Analyzing and writing reports of client companies’ financial statements; and making business plans and strategies for client companies. I have both used Netvisor and E-conomics for the job. I also have extensive experience in all aspects of restaurant operations, having worked as a waiter/kitchen helper.

If any of you are interested in offering me a job, please feel free to reply or send me a PM.

Thank you!

Aalto accounting student looking for job


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