Musicians in Finland

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Musicians in Finland

Post by RumpaliPoika » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:58 pm

As you can probably tell from my name I am a drummer and drum teacher. I have been a self employed muso in England for years now and will be relocating to the Turku area later this year. Has anyone made a successful transition to Finland in this profession?

I currently speak a little Finnish, and fully intend to embrace it whole heartedly and become as good as I can be with the language. As for my music I currently play all sorts, jazz, theatres, tours, bigband, happy to sight read, happy to travel etc

I do have a masters degree also, I have heard this can be useful for somethings.

Also what kind of rates are we likely expect for gigs/teaching/sessions etc ?

I realise there are a lot of questions here but if anyone can shed any light on any of it, that would be greatly appreciated!

Kiitos Paljon

Musicians in Finland


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