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Drop shipping

Post by SkyLinx » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi all. Does anyone here have direct experience with drop shipping here in Finland? Either with Finnish suppliers or from other countries? I have been thinking to start a web shop with the drop shipping method so that I don't have to invest money and space buying goods in advance, but I am not sure which way to go. So far I have found a Spanish supplier which does drop shipping and provides a Prestashop-based store which integrates with their systems, so when I receive orders on my website they are automatically forwarded to them and they will send the goods directly to my customers on my behalf, under my company name. Sounds great on paper because I would mostly need to invest money and time in advertising and process returns and things like that, without needing to have stock in advance. I also tried to purchase a few things from them (not as a company) and I got them in 5-6 days and with good packaging. However my wife and I are not too interested in the selection of products they supply.

Another option I have been evaluating would be a Shopify store with the integration with Oberlo, which simplifies the selection of products from Aliexpress (not sure if also from other sources) allowing you to import these products into your Shopify store easily. From Aliexpress you can find literally everything, however the problem with this is that delivery times are ridiculous because everything is from China, so I am looking at things like 20-40 days.... :(

Does anyone here have experience with drop shipping? If yes, how is it going for you? Do you think it's a viable business model for a web shop?


Drop shipping


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